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I'm a Singaporean - don't worry if you don't know where Singapore is XD - who's been into manga and music since almost a decade ago. Yes, it's an ancient hobby of mine that I'm not about to lose anytime soon. I remember my first 'official' set of manga being Sailormoon that a neighbour of mine bought for me... and that was in er... 1994? XD It was whilst I was in primary school and which sparked my manga craze. I started reading all sorts, but at that time, my preference had been CLAMP manga. And now, I'm still stuck at the shoujo manga sector :)

I came to appreciate anime much later though. Perhaps it was the fact that I'm used to seeing drawings on paper... but anime did not come as such a huge 'wow'. Heck, the number of animes that I finished watching entirely can be counted by my two hands! A few that made quite an impact in me had been Galaxy Express 999 (an old anime, but one of the first few that I've watched and got me to appreciate moving objects), Card Captor Sakura (you have to admit that the characters are really cute, not to mention Yue *drools*) and Last Exile (the plot had me addicted, I'm not sure why XD). I'm still in the process of watching TeniPuri - my friend lent me the entire DVD set - but I'm slow. Guess that has to do with my preference of sleeping or playing the piano to actually sitting down and watching a show properly.

Then came Harry Potter in my secondary school days, and poof! I became a fan of fanfiction (imagine, fan of fanfiction *sweatdrops*) and the likes... FF.Net became my favourite site thereafter, and this particular site started tempting me to sit down and write short stories of my favourite pairings and such. Imagine going from a total naive teen to one who appreciated slash and yaoi of all kinds. FF.Net. You bad. XD It was fun writing though, cos' writing gave you a whole new world to experiment with, and the 'mixing and matching' of characters had been really fun. Most unfortunately, I never got to finish a fic. It's my utmost regret. I have a short attention span I suppose... I have all the ideas in my head, but it slowly fades off, as is my fervour for this particular fic, and I jump to another.

'The Awakening of a Royal' had been stuck at the same chapter for several years, and I haven't continued it despite knowing how I want the story to be revealed. I suppose it's all the matter of reluctance in continuing something that's almost an epic by itself; it's almost 180,000 words. Ugh. I'll try to hurry up with it though, along with 'Another Redemption', 'Salvation', and 'In Defeating Him, I've Met my Fall'.

This journal of mine is mostly about my day-to-day experiences, intermingled with whatever drabbles or fanfiction that I write up in my free time, which is honestly getting lesser as each year passes. Sigh. Then again, I'm hoping to take up photography, so hopefully, there'll be photos soon!

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