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Silvan's treasured dreams... [entries|friends|calendar]
Shuu-chan ~ 秀ちゃん


About Me

Name: Josephine
Aka: Silverdawn, Ephirel, Shiu, Mojo Jojo (… don’t even ask)
Birthday: 25th October, 1985
From: Singapore!
Currently a: very old polytechnic student XD;;;
Hopes to: Save enough money to retire by 55 ^^


Go to Japan, and hopefully, watch tenimyu
Get an MP4 player – Ipod Video or Creative Vision M
Get sponsorship… though that’s literally impossible
Survive the upcoming attachment…
… That’s about it for now ^^|||

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How's everyone? [May 05, 2010 @ 6:05pm]
Yeah, as the topic states...

It's been a loooong time since I've surfaced up onto LJ. So yeah, was wondering how everyone's doing? I should think that many of you would have graduated from either JC or poly =D Heck... I'd hoped to graduate last year as well! Ah well, circumstances... Circumstances.

As it is, I'm still here at Aussieland. Struggling, surviving, yeah. Hopefully, I'll be able to pass and head back by the end of July!~

... Still, I'm kinda dreading June 11th though. That's the day I'm handing up my thesis, and I'm nowhere near completion with the 1st draft, much less the article proper. *whimpers* Worse still, I've gained so much weight since coming over here in mid '08 that I'm kinda wondering what I've got to do to slim down again XD

Ah well... There goes all the pretty dresses that I'd like to wear XDDDD
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A post out of nowhere [June 01, 2009 @ 12:01am]
[ mood | blank ]

Hahah, finally gotten myself back onto LJ... How long has it been since the last update? A month? Two? XD

...Collapse )...Collapse )...Collapse )
Heard about Distant Worlds at Singapore, what a heartbreak for me... *whimpers* I just hope that they'll come over to Aussie within the next year whilst I'm here, that way, I can still catch it =P Kinda tough though... Sigh.

Psst, did I mention that I'll most probably be staying for another year here to do my Honours? XDDDD

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Mini-Animania in Sydney 2009 [March 28, 2009 @ 11:43pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Only heard about this around 3 weeks ago, and whilst browsing through what events there will be... I saw them holding a Yukata workshop and registered myself into this short course that was (thankfully) suitable for beginners. Heck, I've never used a sewing machine in my life despite my mother having an ultra-professional one at home XDD 

Mini-animania and picsCollapse )
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United Nations Mardi Gras 2009 - the Gay & Lesbian parade!~~ [March 08, 2009 @ 9:27pm]
[ mood | high ]

Yep, went for the Mardi Gras yesterday... Had dim sum for breakfast with Tabi, Candice, QQ, Wen Yan, Jill and my housemates, and for a quick trip to Paddy's Market to check out some paper craft stuff.

Then off we went to Liverpool street, where we sat by the road for more than 5 hours for the Mardi Gras to start...


Allow me to ramble on about the Mardi Gras... XDDDDCollapse )


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The first post of 2009, and it's on February... *sweatdrop* [February 01, 2009 @ 12:14am]

Finally floated up... Right now, I'm kinda dying over here... Just came back from Melbourne. Caught one semi-finals. Granted, all of us had been disappointed that it wasn't Federer that was playing, but Rafael/Fernando match was good nonetheless! XD Got lower rung seats - it was near, but thankfully not near enough for us to have to turn our heads constantly to watch the ball flying over the courts. Haha.

Imagine, reaching there at 3pm for the women's doubles finals and staying there all the way till 1+am. I almost died halfway through the men's semi-finals, but it was such a close match! You could hear the silence when the game's on, how all of us groaned when either of the players missed a ball during a good game. Verdasco just kept chasing after games, and the tiebreakers... Man, this is the first time I saw so many tiebreakers in a match XD I really liked how they just kept sprinting after the bal when it was so far away, and still many to lob/volley it over!

Okay... So  now I'm officially interested in tennis. Not just PoT XDDDDD

Piccies... Finally! XDCollapse )
Will definitely come back tomorrow to watch the finals at home (the good tickets are too expensive... *sweatdrop*). I'll end up missing the CNY fireworks... At least I've watched the Australia Day one. That's good enough for me XDDDD

Will update about my NZ trip soon. With pictures! *crosses fingers*
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Back from the Great Escape!~ [December 18, 2008 @ 11:12pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Phew... Just came back yesterday, and I'm still feeling tired... XDDD

Had a really fun time throughout the adventure! 21 days of crazy state hopping with 9 other buddies and driving round scenic routes, climbing mountains (not really, but close XD) and hitting the skydecks... It's tiring, but really fun ultimately.

What we did during the trip.. It's long, you've been warned.Collapse )
Ugh, there's so many stuff I can talk about, but I'm sleepy, and soon, I'll have to start collating the photos that I have of six of us... Imagine, I've got 33gb of photos for this trip alone. I wonder how long it'll take to finish filtering for the best photos man... XDDDDDDD

Wish me luck!

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Holiday time!~ [November 22, 2008 @ 10:40pm]

It's been a week since the last paper, and right now, it's holiday time!!!~~~

This past week had been fun, heading over to the Glebe Point Fair, walking the Sydney Harbor Bridge at night, shopping at DFO, and chilling out at the Coogee beach, the Rocks, taking ferries and stuff. It's these small things that we never got to do whilst studying and it's really nice to hang out with friends. Heck, we even found cheap bikini tops to wear underneath our clothes for occasions when we head to the beach!!!! XDDDD

Got a little burned out and sick on thursday though... *sweatdrop* At least it cleared after sweating... If not, I'll be dead. X_X|||

Went Leichardt on Wednesday... and got a little lost as well. It really is a very small town, italian-styled. Interesting... I wanna go Ashfield next! Heard that it's macham like little Shanghai, which equates to proper dim sum!!!!

But that'll be for another time. Now we're all preparing for the Aussie tour spanning 3 weeks to Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Hobart. 3 weeks of traveling... I won't be surprised if we burn out halfway through.. But it'll be interesting!!! I'm looking forward to the parks and scenery!~~~
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LAST PAPER TOMORROW~~~~~ [November 13, 2008 @ 4:26pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

.... And boy does this fill me with dread.

Just finished Digital Imaging almost two hours ago, and the amount of verbal diarrhoea was scary. Hand's cramping at the moment, and I didn't even finish writing for the last 'essay' question. 'Discuss and describe filters'.


That comprises a ruddy whole lot of stuff lah! How to write finish!?! Bloody hell... Only finished spatial frequency filtering and just started on convolution filters. Heck, I was only at Roberts filter when the invigilator said pens down. WTH!?!

Okay... So maybe I'm too slow... Sigh.

At least it's over, hopefully Bourne will be nice enough to give me some marks for the diagram I had in the front outlining what was to be covered.

Now to study for specialised radiography. That's another killer paper. Although there's only 7 lecture notes, the amount of marks for each of the exam question is crazy. 30 marks for one of the essay questions, and another 3 sets of 20 marks each, plus MCQs... The hell... I haven't taken literature since secondary 4!!!!! 2 hours is no longer enough for me! *whimpers*

I'm so looking forward to after 2.40pm tomorrow. It'll mean the end of term for me!!!!!!!!!!!

Must be positive.

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Digital Imaging next... [November 12, 2008 @ 2:00pm]
[ mood | sad ]

... I've got absolutely zilch motivation to study for DI.

Not sure why, just feel totally drained. XD And I didn't do much these few days! *sweatdrop*

That's why seeing Ms Tan and Mr Ho updating the kids' art made my day. It's been a long time since I saw pics of the kids... And seeing Ann in that shirt made me suddenly miss home.

Haiz... I miss bullying playing with those kids! And Yang's shirt was ultimate win. Maple story slimes? Gawd, another maple addict after Wen and mommy. *bangs head*

On a sidenote.... WEN!!! TING!!! How come I never get to see any pics from home!?! There's so many birthday celebrations and I doubt that no one took photos!!!!!!!!!!! There must be some around!!!

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Stressed over Ethics... [November 11, 2008 @ 2:20am]
[ mood | distressed ]


Information overload for Ethics... Dead.

Right now, my mind's filled with informed consent, legal liabilities, ABCNVJ, radiation issues... *bangs head*

Don't wanna study it le lah!!!!

In the end, went surfing through cdjapan and splurged on Wakeshima's two singles... Hahah, this is what stress does to one person man XDDDDDD

Back to studying confidentiality and job applications. WTH does job apps got to do with ethics and law?


Dying Dying [November 09, 2008 @ 3:18pm]
[ mood | stressed ]


Die le lah... Three exams next week, with crappy timing no less! 

Tuesday: MRTY3101 Ethics Law and Professional Practice, 4pm - 5.10pm.

Thursday: MRTY3100 Digital Imaging, 12.30pm - 2.40pm.

Friday: MRTY3114 Specialised Radiography Practice, 12.30pm - 2.40pm.

What's with cramming three papers in one week man? Worse still, DI and Spec RG on consecutive days! *cries* Ethics and Spec RG require a LOT of memorisation work (Law can be really dry.......), and DI requires a hell bit of concentration to understand what the math and logic behind what filters for what. Fourier transforms. Spatial doman and frequency filters. Convolution filters. Histograms and manipulation. DICOM! Another memory work.

My brain's gonna go dry man.........

Wish me luck. I think I really am gonna need it.

Psst, sorry abt the emo-ing, this is me, the last-minute queen XDDD

And thanks Wen! Really appreciate the music!~~~

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Happy All Saint's Day!~ [November 01, 2008 @ 11:10pm]

Was really moved when I read this story.

Granted, it may or may not be true, but to all those that have nothing to do for the next say... five minutes. Read it =) Even if you're not a christian, it's a very sweet encounter...

Heheh, hope everyone had a wonderful time yesterday during halloween! I didn't get to go trick or treating, but we celebrated a friend's birthday and had dinner at Makoto. Yum!~ Pictures can be found at picasaweb.google.com/silv3rdawn/PorkySBirthday#. Damn, I'm getting too fat sia... Need to go slim down le.... *whimpers*

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How's everyone...? [October 27, 2008 @ 12:24pm]
[ mood | dorky ]


Haven't posted online for a long time man.... How's everyone doing???

It's late October at the moment, so I'm guessing that the As should have been finished... Or about to finish I suppose. For those in poly, there's still some more time before end of the semester ne? I still remember that when I'm at poly, my exams are always during the CNY period, and that really sucked like hell man XDDDD

And now my poor darling sis is right behind in my footsteps.. XDDD Ting, ganbatte nya!~ And Wen-chan! Remember to send me any designs that you might be placing up on EOY ne? This will be the one year that I won't be able to go since I've started heading to EOYs... And you just had to go this time. *whimpers*

When I'm done with my exams, I'll try post up any pics that I've got with regards to the places I've visited in Sydney... I haven't been to many places, but the few that I've managed to 'tour' are very pretty. Makes me wanna try assembling an outfit just for say.. A walk at the Rocks? XD Pity I didn't bring the only set that I've got. *will go surf through japan auctions sometime soon* XDDD

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Depressed... [September 11, 2008 @ 5:52pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Rambles of a depressed ickleCollapse )


p/s: Today's D.I. test was tricky. Really tricky. Mon dieu.

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The piggy strikes back! [September 05, 2008 @ 11:54am]
[ mood | chipper ]


Finally had another opportunity to sleep in like crazy today. *grins* After the entire week, I'm not sure why, but I just slept in like nobody's business and woke up at what... 11.30am? XDDDD

Now the weekend's dedicated to studying... Hopefully I'll be able to understand my D.I. by the weekend... If not, next thursday alleluia le XD

Come to think of it, I've got another assignment due on the same day as well! Oh crap, means I've gotta read up on A.H.S as well. Ugh...

Nevermind, I'm just happy to have gotten my sleep XD Hope I'll be able to survive the day!!!!!!

Psst, Wen.... The reason for the ad is due to some of livejournal's rules that non-log-in people will see the ads. I've just subscribed for LJ, so hopefully the ads won't come up. Right now, I'm still a little cheesed off... It's either I forgot my photobucket password, or someone stole mine. Grrrrrrrr. Now haveta use flickr instead. *whimpers*

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Shock of our lives... [September 02, 2008 @ 9:51pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Eheheh, tried making tomato fried rice today... Was a failure so I didn't bother taking photos XDDD The rice got all clumped up together.... XDDD Nevermind will try again sometime in the hopefully far far away future. At least it tasted okay. Small comfort that is... XD Had porridge today for dinner though. Sweet potato porridige... Brings back all the nostalgia of food at home.

*whimpers* I miss mommy's cooking!!!!!!!

Day...Collapse )

Oh yeah... Had a huge shock today when the electricity bill came. Our bill for this one month and ten days had cost A$370+++. Merde, and we've been really trying to cut our usage of heaters, what with us three sharing a heated room. Another friend of ours apparently had an electricity bill of A$1000. o.O This is all too scary to be true man........ *whimpers*

Emo-ing aside... Oei Wen!~ I'll try to post up regularly... No guarantees though XDDD 

As of now, make do with what you see ba! AND I WANT PHOTOS FROM HOME TOO!!!!!!!!!!

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Birthday Party for Tabitha!~ [August 31, 2008 @ 9:09pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Ehehe, second time celebrating someone's birthday in Australia, and it's like..

Organize a party ah? Onz man! XD

Reached the Georges' house at around 11am - I'd overslept again - but thankfully they just started half an hour ago, so it was still okay... Candice had already made the dough for the tarts though, so we settled to prepare all the other stuff. Heheh, I'm thrown to help Candice with the baking and that had been fun! Though we were like, 'oh crap! Forgot to check the tart bases!' Imagine the bloopers yourself man.
More pics...Collapse )
Next up... Mooncake festival huo guo!

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[August 11, 2008 @ 12:51am]

Went to SMASH on Saturday, 2nd August.

Be awed man… I managed to actually arrive to that place without too much of a glitch! LOL. Imagine, I, a pathfinder idiot, being able to get to a place that I’ve totally never been to in my life without getting totally lost! XDDD Truth be told, it’s most probably due to the very specific route instructions that SMASH gave that I managed to get there… XDD

In comparison to CosFest, SMASH was smaller in scale, but what it lacks in scale, it’s made up by the dedication of the cosplayers there. Granted, there are less cosplayers but apparently, they all make their own costumes!!! And I saw many that are really beautiful!!! =D

Illogical ramblings ahead… Approach at your own risk!!! XD

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Finally got to post!~ [August 03, 2008 @ 12:25pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I'm still alive!!! XDDD

Heheh, only managed to get my internet connection on tuesday night, but with all the work to be done... Here is my first post at Aussie! 

The past three weeks had been pretty hectic, having to settle down in a new place, getting furniture for ourselves, and setting up the power supplies, line connection, internet connection... But I've finally settled down with Pat and GD at a place in Lidcombe, which is pretty near to school *coughalongwaytowalkcough*. At least I don't have to travel by train everyday to school - 'tis really heng man. Imagine, a return trip from Lidcombe to Auburn can cost like... $3.80? And that's only one stop apart! DX

Orientation had been so so, but the revision of the english did help a little... I kinda forgot my grammar... Pretty much returned it back to primary school and British Council. And did I mention that my timetable's pretty slack? (At least in NYP-sense) I've got friday off!!! Mine's (the RGs) aren't the best yeat, the RTs actually have a three day week for the first six weeks! XDDDD

The start of school's fine, though I had a shock on monday when I went to school. I only had a lecture on monday from 1-3pm, and being the first week, the lecturer only gave a half hour introduction to our curriculum and we're finished! o.O Imagine walking half an hour to school to be in school for another half hour. WTH!?!

The other classes had been fine, I especially liked the integrated diagnosis professor... His dry humour and way of teaching had been really fun and enriching.

... And did I mention that the sun sets really early here as well? I keep having this feeling that I'm back in HK again, only this time round, I see houses instead of high rise buildings and skyscrapers XDDDD

Man, I miss my family already... *sniffles* Now that's an odd thought...

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SMASH [July 09, 2008 @ 2:38pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]


I'm gonna be heading to this convention: http://www.smash.org.au/

Eheheheh, it's on 2nd August, which I think is before the start of my school term... Hopefully it'll be alright to go there alone since I highly doubt that any of my friends heading to Aussie are fans of anime/manga/cosplay XDDD 

Hnn, wonder if I can pull any of them there...? I've already gotten a ticket though, so if all else fails... I'll camp there from 10am to 6pm! Mwahahahahah! XD

... And better check out what time he's going there man... I wanna hear his voice!!! Hopefully he'll do a rendition of Oshitari and we'll see how all the fans melt XDDD

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